VIDEO/GOIC 1996 - 2006

Editorial Último libro

Santiago de Chile, 2007

This booklet, which complements the video edition of Andrea Goic’s works compiled in DVD format, is made up of a transposition of materials —jottings, sketches, quotations and textual excerpts, words and images of sundry nature—gathered at her workshop, mostly from her notebooks. Along with this material, several photographs of the artist’s videos have been inserted in chronological order on back-to-back pages. The images of photograms included in even-numbered pages correspond to works that have not yet been exhibited. All quoted texts appear in italics and in all but a few instances the original source has been specified. The English translations of the texts written by Eugenio Dittborn, Carlos Flores, Ricardo Loebell and Andrea Goic are included immediately following the Spanish version. The credits and descriptive information of each video is provided, both in English and Spanish, in the final pages of this booklet. Included with this book -in the inside of the flap- is a compilation DVD that contains the audiovisual production of the artist Andrea Goic realized between 1996 and 2006.